Mastering Business Skills HA 2023

Course Available in: Lima, Peru

Mastering Business Skills

People say they are in business, but what does that mean? What are the skills needed to be successful in owning a business or working in one? Many of the business skills are life skills that can be used at every stage of life, in any field. 

  • Every activity in life begins with a strategic plan and goal setting; it includes how to implement the plan, what resources are key, how to set and meet milestones, and how to pivot as needed. 
  • Whether in school or not, it is important to know how to work with and lead others: to effectively communicate, set expectations, identify performance goals and achieve them. It includes selecting people to be on their team or to hire them for a business.
  • Every business class must address finance. Where is the money coming from, how is a profit made, and how does the owner/company make money?
  • Time management is a key element to improve performance and reduce burnout, at every stage of life.
  • Target marketing is more than creating brand recognition, it understands the audience and why they need what you have: benefits vs. features.

This business course is interactive, allowing students to practice what they are learning and have fun.  At the end they will be able to write a basic business plan as guides for their future. Additionally, if desired, and time is available they will be able to create a resume for future jobs.

*Course offered only to students from grades 9 to 11.

January 16 – 27, 2023 (Monday to Friday)

From 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

In-person in your country

Harriet Cohen

M.Ed., UCLA & Training Solutions

Harriet L. Cohen is the founder of Training Solutions, a consulting firm that provides expert resources for organizations and individuals to achieve their goals, improve customer satisfaction, develop staff on all levels, guide strategic/business planning, address legal and compliance regulations, identify target markets, and positively impact both retention and recruitment. Harriet has firsthand knowledge of business strategies and procedures, offering both practical and theoretical information needed to excel in today’s marketplace. She is a continuous learner, staying abreast of innovative methods to enable clients to achieve their goals. She is an instructor in Management and Human Resource Development at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and has taught for Eduexplora at UCLA.