Talent Search

The Talent Search is an English Writing and Math and Logic test. These tests are meant to challenge you and will allow you to compare your results with other students.

English Writing and Math Test
You can do either or both

No preparation needed

For students grade 6 - 11
US System

It’s online

USD $100 each test

Talent Search Benefits

* Subject to availability. Limited space available. / Applies only for programs that offer scholarship / Age restrictions apply.

Program description correspond to programs offered before Covid-19. Program dates, campus location, duration, field trips, and academic format subject to change, to be offered online or cancellation. Dates and session may vary per country. Prices subject to change. Eduexplora is independent of Yale, UC Berkeley, and Stanford University, their faculty and their admissions office. Age restrictions apply.

For parents

What Parents Need To know

At Eduexplora, we work with students who embody promising potential and skills that will put theory into practice, become drivers of innovation, and passionate about knowledge. Do these qualities sound like you?

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