AI Chemistry

Course Available in Sao Paulo

AI is our future, and this fascinating and enlightening class is perfect for students wanting to improve their coding skills and prepare for this constantly changing world from an engaging instructor from a top university. Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) at the molecular level. This course is designed for aspiring scientists and engineers who wish to explore the synergy between artificial intelligence and the intricate world of chemistry. Students will work on cutting-edge projects that bridge theoretical knowledge with hands-on applications, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in chemical processes. This course will help students enrich their resume with practical and transferrable skills in AI demonstrating their proficiency in cutting-edge technologies for problem-solving starting with chemistry and chemical engineering. Students will collaborate on a project that will explore innovative technologies, strengthening their communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills and preparing them for academic programs, scholarships, and research opportunities in STEM disciplines.

Projects may include:

AI for Drug Discovery
Reaction Prediction with AI
Smart Lab Assistant
Materials Discovery with AI
Science communication challenge

Program Calendar:
January 15 – 26, 2024 (Monday to Friday)

From 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

In-person in your country

Fernanda Sulantay Vargas

Yale University

Fernanda Sulantay Vargas is a chemical engineering PhD(c) researcher at Yale University. Born and raised in El Salvador, Fernanda is a chemical engineer and computational scientist. Fernanda's computing experience includes data science bootcamp, knowledge of C/C++, python, MATLAB and R programming languages, coursework in AI, machine learning, and deep learning, and research in molecular dynamic simulations. Her teaching and tutoring experience includes the following subjects: Algebra, calculus, differential equations, and chemical engineering. Fernanda is also a motivational speaker where she has presented at conferences like the WeCode Conference at Harvard University.