Bioscience & Medicine


This class will be an introductory course to the field of neuroscience. Students will learn fundamental biology material, such as neurons, action potentials, chemical messengers, and brain regions and their role in behavior. Additionally, the course will cover important neurotransmitters for bodily systems, such as the glutamate and GABA for the nervous systems, and their role in psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Students will participate in activities every class period, in which they will be tasked with working in small groups to read and synthesize research articles answering questions. At the end of the course, each group will create a presentation on any topic of their choosing. Content wise, the basic principles of neuroscience, students can extrapolate these fundamentals to other biology and life science classes. Moreover, students will gain skills in reading peer-reviewed articles, working in a collaborative environment, and public speaking. These skills will be highly transferable to other fields, particularly in STEM, which require active participation, critical thinking and analysis, and accessible translation of scientific concepts for general audiences.

Program Calendar:
On Tuesdays from April 4 to May 30, 2023

Real-Time Classe Duration:
5:30 pm to 7:15 pm ET (NY Time)

Small Class Size
20 Students Max

Merel Dagher

PhD, UCLA & UC Berkeley

Merel Dagher is currently a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Public Health and B.A. in Cognitive Science. Merel recently earned her Ph.D. from UCLA in Molecular Toxicology. Here research and teaching has spanned many science disciplines, particularly neuroscience. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience, ranging from high school tutoring to designing her own classes at the college and graduate levels. Merel believes in the potential of every student to reach their goals! Her personal philosophy is that teaching is an act of service, kindness, and accessibility. It is Merel’s goal that all of her students feel confident in their abilities and believe they will achieve success.