ONLINE 2023 – Engineering for & Economics of the Environment


Engineering for & Economics of the Environment

Climate change, global warming, and environmental destruction are ravaging our planet in more ways than one. This class will focus on how engineering as a field is working to ameliorate the effects of climate change, and shed light on how (and why) it can make economic sense to do so.

The class will be structured into four sections. The first section will focus on the environmental impact of human development--how industrialization, population growth, and other man-made factors are contributing to climate change and environmental degradation. The second section will move towards engineering solutions to address climate change. This section will introduce concepts from multiple engineering fields (such as computer science, civil and environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering) and how these fields are helping alleviate environmental stress. Section 3 will be geared towards the economics of engineering in terms of cost of production/manufacturing, pollution generated, and cleaning up the environment. This will reference the technologies studied in section 2. Finally, students will present the economics of a specific technology of their choosing in section 4.

Program Calendar:
Saturdays from March 25 to May 20, 2023

Real-Time Classe Duration:
10:00 am to 11:45 am ET (NY Time)

Small Class Size
20 Students Max

Arpita Iddya

PhD, Yale University & UCLA

Arpita is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Chemical and Environmental Engineering department at Yale University. Prior to Yale, she completed her doctoral degree at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and her master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University. As a graduate student she conducted experiments and developed mathematical models to study interfacial processes at solid-water interfaces. Her work focuses on designing and building membrane-based systems for recovering important resources from wastewater. In a world facing the effects of climate change, she is passionate about bridging fundamental science with engineering to develop innovative technologies to create a positive impact. Arpita has been a tutor since she was in the 8th grade and continues to love teaching. She taught multiple science-based workshops and assisted in teaching for a couple courses at UCLA. She speaks English, Hindi, Kannada, and Tulu fluently and is on a journey to learn Spanish.