Neuroscience: Exploring the Senses and Advanced Brain Function

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Neuroscience: Exploring the Senses and Advanced Brain Function

Uncover the intricate and unique human experience of senses within the field of neuroscience. This dynamic course transcends conventional lectures, offering an engaging mix of interactive group work and hands-on projects, including brain dissections, MRI scan analyses, and brain modeling. In addition to acquiring a foundational understanding of neuroscience, exploring the brain's structure, studying the human nervous system, and analyzing basic sensory and neuronal functions, students will learn about the complexities of brain disorders and sensory system dysfunctions. 

The course will extend beyond theoretical knowledge, digging into the practical implications of neuroscience in real-world scenarios. Through an exploration of cutting-edge research on environmental effects and addiction pathways, students will investigate brain regions and elucidate pathways related to context-dependent drugs and addiction, gaining profound insights into the intricate interplay between the brain and external factors. This course is perfect for aspiring neuroscientists, future medical professionals, or anyone intrigued by the complexities of the human mind and learning how the brain becomes a gateway to understanding and addressing pressing issues in the 21st century.

Program Calendar:
January 15 – 26, 2024 (Monday to Friday)

From 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

In-person in your country

Rosa Serrano

Yale University, UC Irvine

Rosa Serrano, a distinguished neuroscientist PhD researcher at Yale University, contributes a wealth of expertise to our academic exploration of neuroscience. Currently immersed in investigating the neurobiological substrates of context-dependent fentanyl tolerance and addiction, Rosa's research adds a dynamic dimension to the course, linking theoretical concepts to real-world challenges. With a meticulous approach to scientific inquiry, Rosa brings a commitment to bridging the gap between foundational principles and advanced applications in neuroscience. In addition to her research interests, Rosa cares deeply about education and sharing her knowledge of neuroscience with curious and ambitious Eduexplora students.