Business Essentials for Running a Successful Business HA 2023

Course Available in: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Business Essentials fo Success

Globalization has become the new normal, and it has provided new opportunities for economies and individuals. How can one see work through a business lens? This means Identifying the current business trends, laying out the benefits of a business, determining the competition, and enhancing business acumen and business skills. Regardless of the career one chooses, understanding business increases the contribution a person can make to the organization. This course will prepare students to unlock the entrepreneur in them by providing fundamental knowledge to be successful in business. Classes could cover a range of topics, such as leadership skills, economics, finance-centered math, creative and design thinking, and communication. Students will develop strategic thinking skills through setting strategies, goals, and plans to organize their own business for success.

January 16 – 27, 2023 (Monday to Friday)

From 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

In-person in your country

Steven Keleman


Steven Keleman has focused his consulting practice on improving the performance of organizations, departments, teams, and individuals as well as many years teaching at UCLA Extension.  He has worked in major industries, such as health care, education, and defense.  He has worked with numerous functions within organizations: engineering, manufacturing, human resources, physicians and nurses, insurance, logistics and more. He sees organizations as their whole and focuses on the details of daily life.  He applies methods and tools to guide others in seeing different perspectives.  Steve works with both large and small businesses, specializing in coaching mid-level managers and building non-profit organizations (NGOs).