Eduexplora, in collaboration with Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies at Stanford University, launch in Chile and Latin America an innovative knowledge adventure focus on students with Intellectual Curiosity.

/About us

Eduexplora is born from the determination to other unique alternatives for exploration, knowledge and learning.

In collaboration with Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies, we begin an innovative knowledge adventure for young people with “Intellectual Curiosity” in Chile and Latin America.
Our goal is to provide academically challenging opportunities for talented students and allow them to fully realize their intellectual potential.
The future of our society depends on people that have developed, at a young age, true passion for knowledge, learning and creativity. We need young people with educational experiences that can interact with individuals in other latitudes, cultures and societies.


Arie Rapaport

"Una mirada curiosa e innovadora es el motor que abre caminos a la experiencia y al conocimiento profundo."


Álvaro Velásquez

"El entorno para educar debe ser estimulante e inspirador para lograr desarrollar al máximo el potencial de cada individuo."


Daniel Tawrycky

"Un desarrollo temprano de las habilidades cognitivas y la interacción con otras culturas son clave para el desempeño profesional y la convivencia ciudadana."


Eduexplora offers a platform specially developed for childrens and teenagers with academic talent and special interest in learning. Eduexplora is looking forward to develop their cultural and learning experience beyond their current reality.


/What do we do?

Eduexplora is looking to bring closer and link mainly children, teenagers and their academic communities, with different experiences and initiatives of a technologic and educational aspects that allows them to develop their academic and formative potential.

To achieve that, we create a platform that allows students to access
experiences in education and technologic interactions, in order to enrich the learning and educational process that they receive at their schools. This, alongside with their continue
exposure to English, will facilitate a successful professional future and a invaluable input to society.

Explore , Discover, Learn

Observe, Create, innovate

Challenging the intellectual curiosity of our children and youth


A collaborative effort with Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies at Stanford University allows us to bring a unique educational experience where students can socialize and interact with peers world wide. Through that, students will expand their cultural background to advance knowledge, new experiences and global networking.

/The Model

The Eduexplora’s model aims to make easier the interaction and approach between two worlds; the children and teenager’s one with restlessness to learn, and the one
with projects and world-class programs. This will let them live a unique and enriching experience for an outstanding learning and educational development.

The students can be part of a workshop called Honors Academies. This workshop will take place in select locations mimicking the programs made in California. Finally,
a unique and unforgettable experience called Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes will take place. A limited group of young people will be received in the Stanford University Campus in Palo Alto, California, to experience university life in one of the world’s most prestigious institutions. They will not only live together with students from around the world, but they will also take part in advanced courses, lectures and visits to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.


We have a strategic alliance with Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes, a pioneer in educational programs for children with academic talents, which gives us the know-how and expertise to identify and develop children's and teenagers academic skills.

/Other Alliances

Eduexplora has strategic alliances with other worldwide prestigious educational institutions such as Oxford Summer Courses and Columbia University for children with academic talents. Their programs also offer the know-how and expertise to identify and develop their academic potential.
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Making an impact on the educational and vocational development of children’s





Teléfonos de contacto:

Local: +562 2602 4737

Cellphones: +569 9227 7546 +569 9991 5673 +1 305 951 8660

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