Strategy Excellence for Entrepreneurs


Grades: 7-8

Time Slot: Early Morning
• 10:00am – 11:45am Eastern Time

Whether you’re a student trying to ace your next exam or an entrepreneur with a brilliant idea, having a game plan is essential to your success. In this course, students will learn how to produce meaningful Mission, Vision, and Values, and how to utilize these to map out an effective strategic plan. Students will form their own fictitious companies that will address a global challenge. They will practice leadership skills, creativity, and group decision-making, while building out their Business Model Canvas. They will learn how to think through market challenges to discern opportunities and develop value propositions. They will establish objectives and key results, identify challenges and find strategies for overcoming barriers. Students will learn how these skills are applicable in entrepreneurship and in their personal lives when they are setting out to achieve their goals.


M.A. in Organization Development, Consultant, Educator and Entrepreneur

Amy is an organization development consultant, educator, and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of a successful San Francisco restaurant and community hub that supports sustainable food systems. Amy has taught leadership and organization development for Stanford, School Lab in partnership with UC Berkeley, Sonoma State, and Sias University in Hunan, China. As a consultant, she has worked with Fortune 100 companies and Silicon Valley tech companies on developing successful strategy and building healthy teams.

Program Calendar:
January 11-22, 2021
(Monday – Friday)
Real-Time Classes Duration:
1 hour & 45 minutes long
(with a 15-minute break).
Max Class Group:
Small class size
(20 students max)

Program Courses

Grades 7-9

For grade 9 students all course options are available.





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