Modern Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Data


Grades: 7-9

• 10:00 am Eastern Time (New York Time)

Marketing Design & Technology provides an introduction to understanding customers through 3 different but related disciplines: Marketing, Design & Data. This course is about collaboration and innovation. In this hands-on, project-based course, students will learn how to innovate by applying a wide variety of methods for creatively framing and solving problems. Technology has allowed companies to gather and process large quantities of information about consumers' choices and reactions to marketing campaigns. However, few companies have the expertise to intelligently act on such information. This course addresses this shortcoming by teaching students how to use customer information to better market to consumers. Following a human-centered design process that includes research, concept generation, prototyping, and refinement, students will work in small teams to make a marketing & UX recommendation for a mobile app of their choice.

Sparsh Jain

Graduate Student Haas School of Business - UC Berkeley

Sparsh is a UC Berkeley graduate with degrees in Operations Research & Business Administration. When he was away from learning about optimization and accounting, Sparsh spent his time exploring the world of Human-Centered Design and Technology Entrepreneurship. He will start working as a Software Strategy Associate at Ernst & Young and has previously worked at Deloitte & Intuit. His experiences in and out of class helped him to understand people, processes, and products from a multi-faceted approach. Sparsh hopes to build awesome products for millions of people someday.

Program Calendar:
January 11-22, 2021
(Monday – Friday)
Real-Time Classes Duration:
1 hour & 45 minutes long
(with a 15-minute break).
Max Class Group:
Small class size
(20 students max)

Program Courses

Grades 7-9

For grade 9 students all course options are available.





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