Hyperbolic Geometry

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Grades: 9-11

Time Slot: Early Morning
• 10:00am – 11:45am Eastern Time

In this course, we will explore the world of hyperbolic geometry, which is unlike the Euclidean geometry that we are used to. The hyperbolic world can be imagined as a disc, a half-plane or a kale leaf that gets infinitely curly around the edges. This setting allows for curious phenomena, like triangles whose sides are infinite and whose internal angles sum to zero; lines that never touch and yet get farther and farther apart and tilings of the plane by pentagons. Through rigorous mathematical reasoning, we will prove these and many more non-intuitive features of this geometry, which shows up in nature, art and the sciences.


FERNANDO AL ASSAL - PhD Student Department of Mathematics - Yale University

Fernando holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from University of Chicago. He is currently a third year student in the PhD program in Mathematics at Yale University where he thinks about two-and three-dimensional that are locally curved like a Pringle chip. Fernando has been teaching assistant, instructor, tutor and coach for courses such as Multivariable Calculus, Vector Calculus and Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Functional Analysis among others.

Program Calendar:
January 11-22, 2021
(Monday – Friday)
Real-Time Classes Duration:
1 hour & 45 minutes long
(with a 15-minute break).
Max Class Group:
Small class size
(20 students max)

Grades 9-11

For grade 9 students all course options are available.





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