Communication for Life & Work: How to Become an Exceptional Communicator to get your Ideas across with Clarity and Power


Grades: 9-11

• 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time (New York Time)

In today’s world leadership skills are necessary to effectively manage groups of people who have the same objectives and goals. Many thought leaders and inspirational characters are heading successful organizations. In addition to having vision, integrity, problem-solving skills, and social and emotional skills, the leader of today also has to be an excellent communicator. How can he or she expect to give guidelines, set goals, express objectives without effective communication? This course taught students key leadership skills, with a strong focus on effective nonverbal communication, storytelling, and on how to “sell” an idea and to make an elevator pitch.

Vlad Moskovski

M.A in Organization Development, Entrepreneur and Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Instructor.

Vlad is an entrepreneur, product enthusiast, and an action-oriented strategic thinker with expertise in product and program management. He is passionate about data driven decision making, customer-centric methodologies, mindfulness meditation, and self-managed teams/organizations. Vlad was CEO of Compassionate Leaders - a Bay Area startup working on the cutting edge of using design thinking in combination with project based learning to solve social issues. Since 2010 he has facilitated over 2,000 classes and workshops on business, communication, and wellness and recently was head of product for a tech wellness company in San Francisco. Vlad has worked for Stanford University developing and implementing effective communication, leadership and emotional intelligence curriculums. Moskovski currently works as a consultant helping companies develop a culture of self management.

Program Calendar:
January 11-22, 2021
(Monday – Friday)
Real-Time Classes Duration:
1 hour & 45 minutes long
(with a 15-minute break).
Max Class Group:
Small class size
(20 students max)

Grades 9-11

For grade 9 students all course options are available.





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